Power-o-Rama 2.0.0

Eine App die Trainings Zonen für Power und Herzfrequenz ausrechet. Es werden momentan zwei Testprotokolle unterstützt: 20 Minuten und 2 x 8 Minuten 1.3.74

My own website, written in PHP . Backend was built as MVC architecture using SQLite database for project site. Includes simple templating, internationalisation, authorisation/authentication and logging.

PHP Manifest Builder

PHP Manifest Builder 0.2.13

Manifest Builder dynamically creates a cache-manifest file that contains a list of the resources for the browser’s Application Cache.

Arghh!!! Memcats

Arghh!!! Memcats 1.0.0

Memcats is the homage to Simon, memory-like game from 1978. The game is based on the funny cat images from